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Trade & Shipping the Oil

UPoilTankers Inc was established in 2016 in Dubai as a Tanker Manager and Commodity Oil Trader.

It is part of the widest UPLONDON GROUP (www.Uplondongoup.co.uk) and it has also an important role in the local oil commodity industry in UAE  and especially in khor fakkan  & sharjah.

Our Strategic Partner In Greece
Our Strategic Partner In Greece

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Our Services


UPoilTankers Inc, manages Tanker vessels, either as a Disponent owner or as a Bare Boat operator.

Through our very experience staff,  we handle cargo deals and connect respectable charterers with ship-owners and vessels that we have under management.

 Acting as traders and charterers at the same time, we offer to our clients a full package of services such as CIF transportations, Commodity trading and even trade finance if it is necessary.

UPoilTankers Inc  provides services not only to third party fleet as managers, but also to our own vessels that we as owners control through various special vehicles.


UPoilTankers Inc, acting either as an Oil Tanker Ship charterer, or as a Tanker Chartering broker, connecting Ship Owners and Oil Companies for their worldwide product's transportation.

UPoilTanker Inc., is working daily with major Oil Refineries and Oil Exporters, providing them with Tanker Ships, in order to transport their Oil products.

Those Tankers could either be part of the fleet that UPoilTankers Inc has under its management, or Tanker Vessels of third party owners that UPoilTankers Inc has the priority to employ.

At the same time having a long time experience in Oil Trading, we are cooperating with major Oil Refineries and Distributors, selling to our international network Oil commodities, such as CRUDE OIL, DIESEL, FUELS, etc.


UPoilTankers Inc   is working daily with major Oil Refineries and Oil Exporters, providing them with Tanker Ships, in order to transport their Oil products.

Being in touch with a Real End Seller (we load cargo with our Tanker Ships for him) and a Real Buyer (we transport and deliver Oil commodities with our Tanker Ships for him), we have the privilege to act not only as a Transport partner, but whenever we decide it, as an Oil trader too.

More Specific, in case that we received a solid Oil Inquire, either from a seller or from a buyer, we may handle the Deal as Traders, financing the trade and  taking a COA instead of a single Shipment.


UPoilTankers Inc as a Trading and brokering company, can supply marine fuel and gas oil at very short notice, with highly competitive prices, and the best quality available. We deliver reliably, safely, in the correct quantities, all in the agreed time frame, both onshore and offshore. The supply of marine fuel and gas oil is our new business and is an area in which we excel.

We offer our services around the clock and we can provide fuel products and services at very short notice, ranging from bunkers, to fresh water and agency services, both offshore and onshore.

UPoilTankers Inc   would be more than happy to discuss your Financial and Bunkering needs.

Physical Oil Commodity Desk

Our Crude Oil & Refined Products desks combine strong financial brokerage experience with focused knowledge and insight in petroleum procurement, production, refining, storage, transportation and marketing.

Especially we offer direct from our Physical Suppliers and Refineries, Oil Products of the following Grades:


As per ISO 8217-2010 we are offering a full range of products, of the following grades:

  • JET TS1
  • JET A1
  • BASE OIL 100sn 150SN 500SN, 600SN and Brightstock


  • GASOIL (DMA) with Sulphur 0.1%
  • ULS DIESEL 10ppm
  • IFO cst-380 (3,5%, 1%, 0,5%)
  • IFO CST-180 (RME 180)
  • IFO CST-30 (RMA30)(All intermediate grades down)

Example of

How to Send us your Inquire

QUANTITY ........................5000 TS +/- 10%

GRADE..............................ULSD 10 PPM EN590 DISCHARGING PORT. .........RAVENA                     DATES...............................5 - 10 AUG 19          LAYTIME ..........................       SPECIFICATIONS..................

On Line OIL Trading Hedging Desk

A unique Treasury Department for online Hedging & Speculating Trading, for internal and third party Client's Use.

The Physical Oil Trading is facing risks.

Risks based on Geopolitics, Risks based on Currencies, Risks based on Demand and Supply.

UPoilTankers Inc, has recently established a new Treasury department, in order to offer ON-LINE PAPER OIL TRADING, for internal and external use.

Our Licensed partners are offering  hedging and Speculating services not only to our group but also to Corporate or Individual clients that wish to invest in On-line Oil commodity Trading.

Our Team



Economist, with long time experience in Shipping Finance & Commodity Oil Trading.

He is one of the founders of the Holding company at 2003 UPLONDON GROUP and from September 2007 he is the B.O.D PRESIDENT of the group.



Primo Frattali,age 48 is an Suisse resident, Italian citizen, magnate, investor and philanthropist. Primo he manages the investment of reserves of his own and others family office's. He is an active player through financial instruments and participated in the most important IPOs & Secondary's offerings in USA, ASI, & EUROPEAN Stock Exchanges.He worked as IPO & Secondary offering manager, internal market maker, next to the owners of of Leading Public Listed Corporations.



Our chief Operator of our Shipping Activities. He has a long time experience in Chartering & operation, having his track record in several major traditional Shipping companies more than 20 years.

He is running the Ship management and Ship operation Dept.



Specialist in International Trading issues , responsible for the Exporting and commodity Finance projects.

He is running the ITALIAN group of Associates and the external team in Milano & Zurich.



He is running the Investment Desk, and the Investor Relations with the Institutional investors and Stock Exchange markets.

He is also the C.F.O. of the group



Lucy is the heart of the company. Responsible to support all the departments with administration and secretarial effort, she offers a peaceful security among all the partners, clients and business associates.

Economist with long time experience in Shipping companies and international Shipping Banks.


Ship broker , S&P

Ship Broker, with long time experience in the sector of Sales & Purchase in the Shipping Industry.

He is responsible for the Sales & Purchase desk in London, and supporting the business development, through sales .



Economist, with business experience in International Trading and commerce matters.

He deals with the Oil Commodity international trading and he has the coordination for all the international transactions.

Rashid Mohamed Dunis

Chartering Manager

Sip Broker with long time experience in the wet Chartering and Freight cargo Deals.

He is the head of the Dubai chartering team, supporting the new business development in European countries.

Ahmed Madhal

Commodity Oil Trader

Oil & Bunkering Trader with long time experience in the wet Chartering.

He is running the Oil Trading Desk

Kairis Nikolas

Legal Advisor
Specialized in Marine Law and Track Record In International Commodity Trading, Nikolas working as external Legal Advisor from the first day of our company.
Chief Treasurer

Specialized in International Stock Markets, Andreas is a Licensed Commodity Trader and Stock Broker. He is the Chief Treasurer of our Group, focus on Hedging and Speculating Strategy in Oil and currencies.

He is the Founder of the GREEK TRADER CLUB.


Dubai Head Office:

Level 54, Almas Tower JLT, Dubai UAE

International Company Tel: +971 529849447



London Rep Office :

40, Bank Street, Canary Warf, London

UK Company Tel: +44 203 3182345